The Peverels Gardens

Charlie's book "Skymeadow: notes from an English gardener" is out and can be pre ordered now from either Amazon or Waterstones!

Below a giant elm hedge Charlie and Sybilla discovered roughly five acres of virgin meadowland, the perfect setting for an audacious new garden. The meadow seemed to float in the sky, so it was soon given the shorthand "Skymeadow". The days Charlie spent wrestling with the soil in the rose garden were the days in which he mourned the loss of his parents; it is a tribute to them.

Charlie writes and talks about gardens, particularly the hope and beauty of nature. In 2016 he was Campaign Director for the Modern Slavery Garden which won a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. He has written for the Guardian Gardening Blog, The Telegraph, Sainsbury's Magazine, Suffolk Magazine as well as speaking on local radio and at events.

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